Ondamed for Lyme Disease


Ondamed2Many patients battling Lyme disease find themselves taking 30 or more pills per day. With so many systems being affected by Lyme, it can be a challenge to address all of them using oral supplements and medications, often times in addition to injectables. For this reason, we are pleased to offer the Ondamed device to our patients as an adjunctive treatment to gently yet powerfully reduce the severity and multitude of symptoms observed in both acute and late-stage or chronic Lyme disease.

The Ondamed is a PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) medical device that uses specific frequencies based on symptoms and biofeedback assessment. These pulsed EM frequencies have been shown to decrease pain, improve circulation, and promote relaxation.

The research on Pulsed EMF has shown it to be Anti-Inflammatory, Sedative (decrease anxiety), Vasodilatory (increase circulation), Analgesic (decrease pain), Anti-neuralgia (decrease nerve pain), and increase oxygen in tissue.

Clinical Use:
We added the Ondamed as a tool to help decrease the symptoms and speed the recovery process in Lyme Disease, however the device can be used to treat many conditions that involve pain (acute or chronic), insomnia, fatigue, addiction, and stress management to name a few. By combing the proven technology of pulsed EMF and individualized frequencies based on Rife research, we are able to treat our patients on both a physical and energetic level. We have seen dramatic improvements in pain, mental clarity, anxiousness, and overall sense of well-being with our chronic Lyme Disease patients who have integrated Ondamed treatments.

FDA Classification:
In the USA, Ondamed has been approved by the FDA as a Biofeedback Class II medical device in the Neurology category.

• Trial Session (30min): $50 Experience Ondamed for the first time at a discounted rate.
• Individual Sessions (30min): $90. SPECIAL OFFER: Every 6th session is free (average cost $75/session.)

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