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Introducing the new- “FIT BY DESIGN” genetic test!

Did you know…your GENETICS greatly influence how your body responds to different types of diets, exercise, and supplements, when trying to lose weight?  Ever wonder why some people seem to lose weight better than others? For that reason, we are beyond excited to be able to offer the “FIT BY DESIGN” genetic test which will reveal the best diet, the best fitness plan, and the best supplements to help YOU, as a UNIQUE individual, lose weight most effectively.

Here is how it works…

The test is reasonably priced as far as genetic testing goes, and is listed at $475.  The specimen collection involves a simple buccal swab (cheek swab from the mouth) that a patient can collect at home  (no blood-draw needed).  The process is painless and takes less than 2 minutes.  The sample is placed in a prepaid envelope and mailed out. Results typically return within 3-4 weeks.  The patient receives an easy to understand explanation of results including customized diet recommendations, supplements, and exercise plan– based on their genetics!

Contained in DNA are the genetic instructions for every function in the human body. Traditionally, we think of DNA as the reason for our individual appearance; hair, eye color, and height. DNA also influences enzymatic pathways, receptor function, and ultimately a person’s precise requirements for exercise, diet and nutritional supplements to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Genetic makeup and expression has considerable influence over an individual’s metabolic function and exercise physiology. There is extensive evidence that supports the direct interaction of genes with metabolic function and obesity. These genes may have mutations, referred to as “polymorphisms”, that alter the degree or severity of metabolic disorders and resistance to weight loss. This weight loss test concentrates on genes that encode for fat absorption,  response to various types of exercise, insulin resistance, obesity, regulation of blood sugar (glucose), and fat cell changes (adipocyte differentiation) .

Thus far, FIVE genes have been assigned to the obesity gene map that are directly involved in a person’s and response to fat absorption and retention, nutritional requirements and limitations, and the exercise requirements for an individual. In addition, Fit by Design™ identifies and discusses gender differences and hormone (neuro-hormone) influence on physiological response.

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