Archives for February 2014

NEW! Genetic testing reveals the best way to lose weight!

  Introducing the new- "FIT BY DESIGN" genetic test! Did you know...your GENETICS greatly influence how your body responds to different types of diets, exercise, and supplements, when trying … [Read more...]

The “Meyer’s Cocktail”-an Immune Boosting & Energizing IV Therapy

  IV (intravenous) Nutrient Therapy is one of the many natural yet powerful therapies we offer at Vibrant Health.  A common IV that almost anyone can benefit from is the "Myers' Cocktail". … [Read more...]

Bio-Identical Hormones: Updated Evidence

  A recent study* has highlighted the numerous benefits we have been seeing clinically with the use of bio-identical hormones.  One of the main concerns with hormone therapy during menopause is … [Read more...]

The Flaw in Standard Lyme Disease Testing

  The standard "Two-Tier" Lyme Disease testing is "specific" but not very "sensitive" according to current research.  An average of studies on Lyme Disease testing found that current methodology … [Read more...]